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Improving Mental Health Through the Power of Collaboration

Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) realized there was a great need in Canada to improve peoples access to verified programs, resources, services, and knowledge to tackle mental illness and improve the mental health of all people.

It is through this vision that we reached out and brought together like-minded organizations who readily identified with the need to work together to address the gap we all saw.

MDSC, as a National Mental Health Charity, wanted to develop this program as a grassroots, ground up, fully collaborative initiative. We knew that we needed some caring supporters that would be willing to come along with us to support our goals. We reached out to several key organizations and asked them if they would get behind us and support us as we started down this journey. They all saw the potential and agreed to provide funding to support this project.

We greatly value their trust and would not have been able to begin this project without their support.

Interested in becoming a Supporting Partner? Contact Us!